September Rise to the Challenge

In an ever-changing world, our traditions can provide a sense of normalcy and predictability to our lives. Traditions can also provide us with shared experiences that can strengthen our bonds with family and friends. This year, it’s especially important to focus on keeping traditions alive, even if they look a little different this year.

While we may think that traditions are just around holidays, traditions can include so much more. Your traditions can be big events or small activities done on a daily basis. Perhaps you have dinner with friends on a regular basis, attend or watch your favorite sports teams each season, have a favorite television show you watch each week or have an annual family vacation spot.

Send us an email with one of your traditions or one you wish to incorporate to  and earn one wellness ticket.

If you need a few ideas to get started, here is list of some pandemic-friendly traditions that you may be interested in introducing to your friends and family:

  • Show & tell night
  • Participate in a community service opportunity
  • Special weekend breakfasts
  • Friday game nights
  • Evening walks
  • Annual camping trip
  • Birthday video interviews
  • Trivia tournament