Navigating Back To School Plans

While plans for school remain uncertain for much of the country, Serco Wellness has compiled some tips for parents as we gear up for the new school year to begin. Whether your children will be virtual learning, in the classroom or a combination of the two, this school year will look very different.

  • Get back on your school schedule. A few days before school starts, have your kids wake up at the time they will need to for school.
  • Practice wearing a mask. If your child is already used to wearing a mask by the time school starts, it will help them to stay calm and focused while wearing one at school.
  • Talk to your children, especially younger kids, about physical distancing and personal space. You may have already had this conversation earlier in the pandemic, but it is a good idea to review what they should be doing at school.
  • Remind them that this will be new for their teachers too. Ask your children how they can help their teachers. Knowing that these changes are not just new for them and focusing on how they can help may relieve some of their anxiousness about the school year.
  • Keep any reservations or negatively about the new school year away from your child. Children can take emotional cues from the adults in their lives. If we focus on the positives, our children will be more likely to as well.
  • Talk openly about the changes with your child and validate their feelings. Remind them that it is alright to feel a range of emotions and that there is no right or wrong way to feel.
  • Encourage kids to stay connected. Even if your children will be attending in-person instruction, they may struggle with extracurricular activities being cancelled or changed. Help them find alternative activities to participate in and if you notice signs of depression, seek help from a school counselor or medical professional.
  • Stay up to date on immunizations. Many school systems still require students to have up-to-date vaccinations to start school this fall, even if students are distance learning.
  • Let them know things may change. With the uncertainty about how COVID-19 will continue to affect individual communities in the next few weeks and months, your decision or your school’s decision may change. Be open with your children and let them know that this is a possibility and that you will make the best decision for your family.

Cigna recently released a podcast with some additional helpful insights about back-to-school. Take a listen

We understand that making decisions regarding your child’s education during COVID can be very difficult. LifeWorks for Serco is an available resource for all Serco employees and their households.

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