July Rise to the Challenge

Social wellness is an important component to our overall wellbeing. Our connections and relationships can act as support systems in our lives and help us to overcome challenges.

Much like physical and emotional wellbeing, social wellbeing is not static. Increasing our social wellbeing does not necessarily mean that we need to expand our social networks. We can also enhance our current friendships and relationships with those currently in our social supports. What are some ways that we can increase our social wellbeing? A few ideas are listed below:

  • Stay in touch
  • Be a good listener
  • Share your experiences

Thinking of others and volunteering is another way that we can build and maintain meaningful connections with others. This month discover one way to provide service or provide one act of kindness to someone you know or someone in your community. You could volunteer with a cause you are passionate about, do something to help a neighbor, or offer to run an errand for a friend in need. To earn one wellness ticket, share what you are doing with Serco Wellness at wellness@serco-na.com.