Working From Home Tips

Overnight many parents across the U.S. had to make adjustments to their childcare plans as schools have closed. You and/or your partner may also be working from home as well. As we all adjust to this new, temporary adjustment Serco Wellness have a few tips and ideas to share.

First things first. We have to be more understanding now than ever before and that starts with ourselves. Our conference calls may have a few more interruptions or background noise than before, our expectations of perfectly planned activities for kids at home may not happen the way you planned, or you may need to deal with an unexpected emergency. We will get through this, together.

Check out this short video, free recorded webinar and the tips below if you are newly working from home:


LifeWorks Webinar: Introduction to Working Remotely 

  • Identify the benefits and challenges of working remotely
  • Apply strategies to enhance productivity
  • Staying Connected

Tips to work from home:

  • Set working hours. If you can, stick to the schedule you had previously. If childcare issues prevent this, work with your manager to come up with a new, temporary schedule while you work from home. Communication will be very important during this time.
  • Set a work location. Designate a place in your house where you will set up shop each day. This will help establish a routine and make getting to work easier. Bring a water bottle, paper and pens if you need.
  • Act like you are going into the office. Get up and get ready for the day. You may not have to wear the same clothes you would at the office but getting ready will help you feel more equipped to tackle your work.
  • Communicate with your team. Check in with them using Teams, Skype or other conferencing tools. We are in this together. Share what is working for you or even pictures of your new co-workers at home.
  • Have a conversation with your kids. Let them know of your planned work schedule, maybe even consider printing it out and posting it on the fridge. Depending on age, you can make a list of things they can do while you are working and let them know what emergencies they should be interrupting you for.
  • Have a conversation with spouse/partner/roommates that are also working from home. You may need to let each other know of important calls and deadlines so that you can set quiet hours or share childcare responsibilities.
  • Limit distractions. Do what you can to limit outside distractions during your work hours. Avoid checking the news and your phone if possible.
  • Take a break at lunch. Step away from your computer and work location for meals even if it is just for a few minutes. This will give your mind a chance to reset.
  • Be physically active. This is important for our physical and emotional well-being. Check out our post on for ideas to get a workout in at home.

What is working for you? Have you been working remotely before the COVID-19 situation? Send us your ideas at