April – Sleep

April 2019 – How much sleep is enough?

You might know how much sleep you should be getting, but do your bedtime habits match up? Being under or over-rested can result in irritability, inability to focus and lack of productivity. Looking for help? Our EAP is available 24/7 online and/or by phone. Visit http://www.mycigna.com to access articles on how to improve your sleep patterns or call (877) 622-4327 to speak with a subject expert. Employer ID: SERCO


To earn 1 Wellness Ticket this month, complete the online sleep quiz from Web MD to determine your personal sleep patterns and learn ways to help you sleep better.  Send an email to wellness@serco-na.com with your name, employee ID number, and the tips you will utilize and apply in real life.


Do you know someone that is driven, passionate and motivated to meet their physical, emotional, social, or financial goals? Wellness Warrior nominations are open until September 2019. To learn more on how to nominate a peer, check out the Wellness Warriors page.