Serco Babies!


Serco Babies has won a 2018 Divisional Pulse Aware under the CARE category! We are so happy that this program is receiving this award, and hope it leads to more parents contacting us to receive their complimentary Serco Baby Care Packages! Keep reading to learn more about the program…

If you will be having a baby in 2019, then you are eligible to receive a complimentary Serco Babies Care Package. All you have to do is send in proof of the birth of your baby, such as a copy of the certificate of live birth, to Each care package will come with a Serco Baby onesie, a Serco Baby blanket, an informational baby book, and a few other resources for you and your newborn.

Upon receiving your care package, you can take a picture of your new baby using either the onesie or the baby blanket and send it into We will feature all submissions here on the Serco Wellness website!

Recently submitted Serco Baby pictures:


Zachary Stewart Serco BabyJESSICA BALTHIS - SERCO BABY PICMary Phillips SErco Baby picture

Congratulations to all of our new Serco parents!