January 2019 – Promoting Serco Wellness!

What is Serco Wellness?

Since 2015 the Serco Wellness program has been delivering monthly wellness challenges for every Serco employee to participate in under a platform we call “Rise to the Challenge.”

Our 2019 monthly challenges will focus on Serco Wellness’s new Pillars of Health: Physical, Financial, Emotional/Social, and Awareness.

New in 2019: Wellness Warriors

A Wellness Warrior is driven, passionate, and motivated to meet their physical, emotional, social, or financial goals. They may also inspire their peers to reach their own wellness goals, or actively encourage others to participate in Serco Wellness challenges. To learn more about this awesome new program – click here!

Earning a Wellness Ticket

To earn a wellness ticket this month, you’ll first need to check out our 2019 Serco Wellness brochure. Using information found in that brochure, you’ll need to answer the following questions:

  1.  What are the two *NEW* features of Serco Wellness that are outlined in the brochure?
  2.  The brochure states the wellness program aims to engage, inform, and what else?
  3.  What wellness challenge will happen in June 2019?

Send your responses to wellness@serco-na.com to earn 1 Wellness Ticket towards our grand prize drawing in December as well as entry into our monthly prize drawing for your chance to win one of ten $50 gift cards. If you cannot access the link to the brochure, send an email to wellness@serco-na.com and a PDF document will be sent directly to you.